Scroll down to review grid and form details.

GRID: How do I use the grid?
The Photos grid is very user-friendly. A search box is found at the top of the grid, icons to initiate actions next to each respective title, titles and a pagination tool to browse through older photos.

And, of course, to load a new photo into the site you click the "ADD" button in the upper right portion of the grid.

"Title" Search text box: you can use this search box by:

  • typing in keywords
  • copying in a title


You may choose one of site's photo galleries and search through the returned headlines from just that photo gallery.


You can chose a date range to search against (see more detail below).


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GRID: What do the icons next to each photo do?

Icons (next to each title)

  • "Enable/Disable:" rarely used, but the green light may be clicked to turn the icon to a red light which disables the photo from displaying on the site
  • "Edit" (the pencil): the most commonly used icon...used to edit any portion of your photo
  • "Trash can:" clicking this icon will delete the photo from the website's database

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GRID: How do I search by date range?
Click the aerial icon and a pop-up box will appear (see below).

Enter your dates by typing them in or clicking on the calendar grid and alarm clock icons to select dates and times for both a start range and a stop range. Then click "APPLY" to begin your search. Results will display in the grid.

The up/down arrow next to the word "DATE," at the top of the right-most column in the grid, may be toggled to sort the dates in ascending or decending order.

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GRID: Where are all my older photos?

How do I get to them?

Every photo, unless you have manually deleted them, is in your website's database (and "yes," the website is backed up every night).

You may either search in the various ways the grid provides, or you may manually browse photos using the pagination tools at the bottom left of the grid (see below).

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GRID: The garbage can on the grid...what does it do?

How do I "undelete" photos?

The "trash can" does what you'd deletes the photo next to the trash can you click upon.

If you or your staff have deleted something by mistake please contact 1up! to help restore the photo.

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GRID: The pencil icon is still how you go to the populated form to edit a photo.
Yes, it is still the the pencil and go into the populated form with your content. The changes you make will overwrite your original content and save to the database.

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GRID: Loading photos with the "ADD" button.
For a new photo use the "ADD" button on the upper right of the photo management grid.

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And now let's discuss the elements of the new photo administration form.

PHOTOS: Titles
This text field in the upper left of the form allows you to enter your photo's title by either pasting text in or typing text into the form.

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Each photo added to the website must have a date, and so, by default the photo administration form automatically enters a date into the form when it is requested by the site administrator. This date may be edited manually or by clicking each of the icon's to the right of the "Start date" text field: calendar grid & the clock.

If required, the site administrator may enter a stop date to override the website's automatic archiving functionality. Like the "Start date," the stop date may be entered manually or through the manipulation of the calendar and/or clock icons.

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PHOTOS: Caption
This text area allows you to enter your photo's caption by either pasting text in or typing text into the form.

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PHOTOS: Metadata
This checkbox results in the website using your file's metadata for the caption. What is metadata?

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PHOTOS: Photo (upload)
Adding a photo, or many photos, to your website is straight forward:

  • Click the "Select" button
  • After your operating system's window opens to display the files on your computer, navigate until you find the desired photo(s)
  • Double click on the name of the photo or highlight all desired photos and click "Open." Your operating system's window will close and the name of the photo(s) will display on the form.
All photos will a green dot will be uploaded. Any photos with a red dot will not be uploaded. This could be due to an improper format, a corrupted file or it's too large.

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PHOTOS: Alt Text
The "Alternate text" field is utilized by text-only web browsers for the seeing impaired. News!Site is WCAG 2.0 compliant for disabled readers, so utilizing this alternate text functionality allows your seeing impaired readers to gain the most value out of your photo's by allowing them to understand what its content contains.

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PHOTOS: Bylines
The "Byline" functionality allows a site administrator to append a photographer's name to a photo by selecting the name of the photographer from the drop down menu. The photographer's name, on the photo will also display the photographer's title and their name will be an email link for readers to use to send the photographer note's via their email application.


If the photographer's name is not already posted into the site's "Byline" roster then a site administrator may post the photographer's information" to the roster through the form's "ADD" button - as either a permanently stored name or a one-time-use-only name (in either case the site administrator must click "FINISH" for the name to be used with the currently added photo).

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PHOTOS: Photo Galleries
All photos must be placed into a photo gallery for readers to view them.

Photo gallery names are listed in the box on the left of the pair of assignment boxes. You can highlight the name of a photo gallery and use the single arrow to move its name to teh right-hand box - therefore assigning the photo to that photo gallery. To summarize, all photo galleries you move to the right-hand box are where your photo(s) will be displayed for readers. If you would like your photo to appear in ALL the photo galleries then you may use the double arrows to move all the photo gallery names to the right-hand box.

If you cannont find the photo gallery into which you wish to assign your photo you can either use the search box under the left-hand assignment box or you can use the pagination arrows to browse through all the photo galleries listed as in your site in the left-hand assignment box.

If you have inadvertantly assigned a photo to a photo gallery into which you do not want the photo displayed then you can highlight the name of that photo gallery and use the back arrow to move the photo gallery's name to the left-hand box or you can double click the name and it will dynamically move to the left-hand photo gallery assignment list box.

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PHOTOS: Completion Bar
All good things must come to an end...

Once you have finished loading all your content you'll come to the bar of buttons at the bottom of the form. Or rather, the completion buttons are now attached to the browser window and not built into the form itself. This makes it easy at any point in your loading process to upload the photo.

BACK TO TOP: jumps the site administrator back to the top of the photo administration form.

FINISH: this uploads your photo into the website.

CANCEL: this will jump the site administrator back to the photo management grid and cancel (and delete) any content that was being entered into the site.

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