The News!Site 6.0 CMS makes it possible to view your Google Analytics statistics in the management area of your site.  With GA integrated with your site, you can still check your GA dashboard but it is not required.

Once your GA account has been integrated with your News!Site 6.0 CMS you will navigate to /Management/Stats to view the statistics.  You'll will find the 1up! stats have been replaced with your GA stats.

This is the process to follow to integrate your GA account with your News!Site 6.0 CMS.

Please note Universal Analytics is required so you may need to upgrade.

Account Authorization

  1. Log in to your GA dashboard and go to the Admin screen by clicking "Admin" at the top of the page.
  2. Open "User Management" under the Account column.
  3. Add a permission for  "Read & Analyze" permissions are all that 1up! needs and that is the default.  If you have any security concerns, please be aware you are giving 1up! "Read & Analyze" permissions only and you may at any time remove the email address from the list of approved users.  This will however break in-management reporting, of course.

Custom Dimensions

  1. From the Admin screen, under the "Property" column, select the site you want to pull reporting from.  You will need to expand "Custom Definitions" and click "Custom Dimensions."  Please note if you don't see "Custom Definitions" or "Custom Dimensions" then you have not upgrade your GA account.
  2. Click on "New Custom Dimension" and fill out the "Name."  You will need to make sure the "Scope" is "Hit" and that "Active" is checked.  You must create and name the dimensions IN THIS ORDER: "User ID," "Section," "Subsection."

Default Profile ID Number

  1. Go to "Reporting" or otherwise go to a page where you see statistics for the site you want to pull stats from.
  2. The easiest thing to do is to copy and paste the URL of the page and send to 1up!  The profile number is in the URL and is needed to integrate GA with your site.
  3. If you don't want to paste the entire URL for security reasons you can send us the number following the p in the URL. Example:
  4. The number 1up! would need from the example is 19296290.

UA Number

  1. Go to "Home."
  2. Copy your site's UA number.  It will appear in the format "UA-xxxxxxxx-x."
  3. This is the second number 1up! needs.

Please send both your Profile ID Number and UA Number to 1up!