So you have a site built and now it's ready for content.  Now what???

The very first step should be to plan, plan, plan.  Similar to using blueprints to build a house, these plans will help you build your site.
  • Develop a PDF mockup of what you'd like your site to look like.  You can also take a screenshot of another site.
  • List the features you want to include in your site.  Be as detailed as possible.
  • List your Sections and Subsections (your sitemap).  These are the inner pages of the site.
Be sure to share the mockup and details of your site with your Launch Coordinator.  They will implement the layout and any other design aspects of the site.  Please note some aspects of your mockup may require customization.

With the design implemented, you can start adding content in the Management area of your site.  You can access the Management area by adding "management" to the end of your domain;

Now you are ready to add your Sections and Subsections.  These allow your site to be divided into different pages, "Local News" and "State Sports" for example.  The Sections and Subsections are added by going to Management > Navigation.  Once the Sections and Subsections have been added, define your Navigations.  These are simply areas where you would like your readers to access your Sections and Subsections.  These are also added by going to Management > Navigation.

Once you have added the sections and subsections, you can finally start adding the content.  This is done by selecting the appropriate item from the navigation area found at the top of the Management area.  Your Launch Coordinator will conduct several training sessions with you so feel free to wait until the training sessions area completed.